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Insurance Law Services

  • Professional indemnity;
  • Negligence;
  • Dispute resolution;
  • Policy interpretation;
  • Advice on legal decisions and/or legislative changes;
  • Declinature advice;
  • Subrogated recoveries; and
  • Subrogated defence

Insurance Lawyers

We provide comprehensive advice on insurance matters, particularly those relating to earthquake claims and settlements.

Earthquake events in Christchurch, particularly in the Eastern suburbs where our New Brighton office is located, have meant we have are intensively involved in assisting clients with insurance policy interpretation and settlements. Understanding exactly what specific policy wording means has become critical and our team is well versed at interpreting different policies from different insurers.

We are also involved in Business Interruption insurance claims and are able to advise on what the policy provides and whether cover is available for the specific circumstances of the claimant.

Enlist the services of our insurance lawyers

Please contact one of our friendly staff at the Christchurch offices Styx MillKaiapoi or New Brighton and ask for more information about our insurance law services or to make an appointment to meet with one of our experienced lawyers.