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Medical and Character Issues


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Medical and Character Issues


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Medical and Character Issues

When applying for a visa in New Zealand, you will need to meet the health and character requirements along with any additional criteria. If you think you may have medical or character issues that may affect your application, please talk to us and we can navigate this with you.

Medical Issues

Immigration New Zealand sets out a criteria of acceptable standards of health in order to be approved for a visa. When assessing your eligibility for a visa, Immigration NZ will look to see if you are going to be a risk to the public health; if you are going to add a significant cost or demand to the New Zealand health services; if you are going to qualify for Ongoing Resourcing Scheme (ORS) funding; and whether your health may prevent you from working or studying. You may be exempt from these requirements only if you are entering New Zealand for the purpose of medical treatment or consultation.

As part of your application for a visa you may be required to get a medical examination.

Character Issues

When applying for a visa, one requirement is that you must be of good character.

Character assessments will include looking into your history to see if you have been involved in any criminal activities, human right abuse activities or if you have previously been removed or deported from another country.

If your issue is minor, Immigration NZ may approve a character waiver, meaning your visa will be granted if you satisfy all of the other requirements of the visa.

Immigration NZ can decline your visa application if:

  1. You have been convicted of an offence and were sentenced to 5 years imprisonment
  2. In the last 10 years you have been convicted of an offence and were sentenced to a prison term of 12 months or longer
  3. You are prohibited from entering New Zealand due to being previously deported from New Zealand
  4. You have been removed, excluded or deported from any country

You visa may also be declined if Immigration NZ has reason to believe that you are going to commit an offence in New Zealand where you could be sent to prison, or if you are a risk to our security or public interest, or if you are a threat to the public order.

If your visa has been declined on these grounds, your lawyer can assist you in applying for a special direction. Special directions are issued by the Minister of Immigration and allow those who do not otherwise qualify for a visa to be granted a visa. 

See what an example of a letter from Immigration New Zealand looks like: Sample Letter from Immigration New Zealand (Character)

How Pier Law can help:

  • Advise you on whether any medical or character issues are likely to arise prior to submitting any applications
  • Work closely with you, medical specialists, and other relevant third parties to compile the necessary supporting documentation, effectively countering any claims that may suggest you do not meet the acceptable standards of health or character
  • Provide any written submissions where necessary to be granted a character waiver