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Your will be done

will Lawyer Christchurch
will Lawyer Christchurch


Your will be done

will Lawyer Christchurch
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Estate Planning Lawyers

Making sure you have plans in place for when you are no longer here is important and Pier Law can make this process a simple one.  Wills formally spell out how your assets should be dealt with after your passing, and are very important for each individual regardless of age.

You will need to think about who you would like to receive your assets after you pass away and who you would like to administer your estate (this person is called your executor).

Ideally we would make an appointment with you to discuss your requirements and cover the following things:

  • Who you would like to appoint as executor of your will
  • Whether you are single, in a relationship or you have intention to marry
  • Your children (if applicable) and who you want to appoint as their guardians
  • Detail your bank accounts, property, investments, chattels, life insurance policies, etc
  • Who will receive these assets
  • Whether you want to make any specific gifts to a person or an organisation
  • If you have pets, what arrangements you want to make after you pass away
  • Whether you want to leave someone a life interest in your property
  • If someone named in your will dies, what happens to their share
  • Your funeral wishes (including music, location and specifying burial or cremation)
  • Whether you have promised anyone property or assets
  • If you become mentally incapacitated, what your wishes are (this is called a Living Will)

Enlist the services of one of our estate planning lawyers

If you don’t have a will yet and would like to put one in place, or if you have a will and would like to update it, please contact one of our  friendly staff at one of our offices Northwood, Kaiapoi or New Brighton to see how we can help you with your specific needs.