Greer Herbison

Assistant Practice Manager


Greer Herbison

Assistant Practice Manager | Legal Assistant

T +64 3 366 5540          F +64 3 366 5543          E

With a father a solicitor and a mother a Practice Manager/Legal Executive people could say that Greer was destined to a legal career – but it is not a career path that she chose blindly.  With a passion for music and real potential as a singer/songwriter Greer made a conscious decision to join Pier Law in 2011 and study law on a part time basis, leaving her love of music as a hobby.  Greer is a very valuable staff member being a legal assistant to Bill Herbison and also being responsible for organising the firm’s precedents, website and client deeds to name but some of her responsibilities.

Widely known fact: Greer is an organised capable staff member with an in depth knowledge of the firms protocols and procedures

Little known fact: If you phone Pier Law and cannot immediately get through to the staff member you want it is Greer’s voice that you hear whilst ‘on hold’.