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Partnership Residence Visas


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Partnership Residence Visas


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Partnership Residence Visas

Are you looking to apply for a visa based on your partnership ?  There could be options for you either in the visitor, work or residence category.


This is not the be confused with the Partner of a New Zealander Work Visa which is a different visa with different conditions.


Generally, Immigration New Zealand will assess the following ‘elements’ of your partnership :

 1 ) ‘Credibility’ – both the applicant and their supporting partner must either separately or together be crediblew in the statements presented

2) ‘Living together’ – both the applicant and their supporting partner must be living together unless there are genuine and compelling reasons for period(s) of separation

3)’Genuine partnership’ – both the applicant and their supporting partner must be found to be genuine  in their reasons for entering the partnership with intentions to maintain a long term partnership

4) ‘Stable partnership’ : both the applicant and the partner must demonstrate that their partnership is likely to endure


Partnership applications are evidence-based and rely heavily on the volume of relationship evidence you can provide.

You should have sufficient evidence to show proof of your relationship including(but not limited to):

  1. How long you have been together
  2. How long you have been living together
  3. That you share finances and other responsibilities
  4. That you spend time together, e.g. photos together, emails and social media conversations between you
  5. That other people recognise your relationship


When should you consult us for partnership application?

1)If you are unsure of the documents to provide in an application or if you are unsure, it meets the necessary threshold for your visa category;

2) If you have not lived together with your partner, there could be some instruments in immigration law that may be able to assist you in your application. A common example would be couples who have gone through an arranged marriage and have not lived together prior to their marriage as it does not conform to their cultural norms. In this instance, either a culturally arranged marriage visitor visa or a general visitor visa may be suitable.

3) If you had periods of separation in your relationship and wish to make an application. Immigration New Zealand will need justification for your periods of separation. We can provide guidance on how to satisfactorily meet this or alternatives that could be open to you.

4) If there have been issues in your relationship where you had gone through a divorce/separation or if you have not been totally separated or if there are third parties in your relationship

5) If you receive a letter from Immigration New Zealand during an application stating that you do not meet partnership requirements.


Our experienced immigration team can help to evaluate your situation and work alongside you to determine the best pathway for you and your family.